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Marko Albert, SiS, Nutrition guidelines

IRONMAN Tallinn – nutrition guidelines

Dear participant of IRONMAN Tallinn Don’t let those hard-earned training sessions go to waste with poor nutritional strategies. Your nutrition…

go hydro, cramp, magnesium

Cramp – how to avoid bad consequences?

A combination of energy sources, electrolytes and liquid enhance your body’s ability to absorb water during exercise, maintain your endurance…

running nutrition

Running nutrition – how to avoid “hitting the wall”

No matter what distance you decide to tackle, don’t let all your hard work during running training go to waste…

Basketball nutrition – when, what and how much

Basketball is a game of repeated sprints with a series of jumps, change of direction and high force contacts. The…

football nutrition, hydration, go hydro

Football Nutrition: eat like a pro

Football nutrition is key for top performance on the football field. Make sure you have a well planned nutritional strategy before,…

cycling nutrition

Cycling nutrition – train as you race

No matter what distance of sportive you decide to tackle, there are certain elements you need to give serious thought…

carbohydrate, isotonicgel

Carbohydrate – the King for Endurance Performance

Carbohydrate is the main fuel for high intensity and prolonged endurance exercise. Although fat may provide more energy, it is…

go hydro, weight management

Weight management – advice from elite athletes

Weight management for athletes and active individuals is unique because of their high daily energy expenditure; thus, the emphasis is…

Consumer Guide – you don’t stop, so neither do we

Nutrition plays a key role in all sports. Matching the correct nutritional intake to the individual requirements  can result in…


Caffeine – the key to legal performance enhancing

WHAT IS CAFFEINE? Caffeine is one of the most heavily researched and beneficial ergogenic aids available. It is mostly consumed…


Hydration in the heat – how to survive?

STAYING HYDRATED Staying hydrated is a much vaunted subject for runners, particularly in the warmer months. Even small levels of…

energy gel

Energy gel – how does it work?

each energy gel is not the same – read carefully, why? There are a huge range of energy gels out…

Sailing nutrition

Swimming nutrition

Volleyball nutrition

Football nutrition

Basketball nutrition

Marathon running – nutrition

When you’ve got a lot going on, it’s not always easy to get the right levels of hydration and energy…

Triathlon nutrition advice

What will be build-up strategy: the importance of carbohydrate? Our muscles can store up to 300g or 2500kcal of glycogen…


Majority of swimmers have their first training session early in the morning. It is quite usual that the breakfast eaten…


Is there such a thing as too much protein? Like all food stuffs, you can always over-consume one thing at…

Eat and drink like a Pro

One food stuff someone should be eating every day? There is no single one food stuff, all macro and micronutrients…

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2017 The Running Awards – Nutrition Brand of the Year


2018 Men’s Fitness Sports Nutrition Awards – Best Pre-Workout

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