Tennis Player’s Bundle

Whom: carefully selected products which cover product needs for runner, who trains 3 and more times a week and focuses on longer distances.

Bundle Contents:

  • 8x GO Isotonic Energy Gel 60ml
  • 8x GO Energy Bar 40g
  • 1x GO Hydro Tablet 20×4,3g
  • 1x Immune Tablet 20×4,3g
  • 4x GO Caffeine Shot 60ml
  • 6x Whey20 Gel 78ml
  • 1x 800ml Bottle

*Flavours are subject to stock availability

Contents worth 65 at individual RRP €


Bundle Information:

GO Isotonic Gel

  • Fast energy gel – no need for water
  • Provides a fast, convenient energy boost
  • The world’s first isotonic energy gel to be clean in the mouth and easy to digest

GO Energy Bar

  • Up to 27 grams of carbohydrate packed into each bar
  • Made from natural fruit ingredients
  • Convenient size for training and racing

GO Hydro tablet

  • Simply drop in water to provide a high electrolyte drink
  • High in sodium to help promote hydration
  • When hydration is required without the added calories

Immune tablet

  • 200mg of Vitamin C
  • 2.5mg of Iron
  • Sodium to help promote hydration
  • Suitable For Vegans.

GO Caffeine Shot

  • Advanced formulation delivering 150mg caffeine
  • Helps maintain focus and concentration
  • Features 2g citrulline malate, with vitamins B6, B9 and B12
  • Magnesium to maintain muscle and nerve function
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Improves endurance
  • Perfect for use before or during exercise

WHEY20 Gel

  • High quality whey protein hydrolysate in a ground-breaking format
  • The yogurt-like texture tastes great
  • Removes the need for a shaker and water for your post-training protein or a high protein snack on the go
  • Lets you focus on quality protein intake with no unwanted calories or added sugar

800ml Bottle

  • Unique easy mix system
  • Soft rubber nozzle
  • Easy to grip bottle with ergonomic shape
  • Lockable valve for leakproof transport
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free

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